Saturday, April 30, 2011


Looking to get a couple of shades darker before your first summer poolside party?  The Loreal Medium Brown Tanning Bronzer  is the answer.  It applies evenly and lasts several  days.  Be sure to rinse your hands and wipe feet and ankles after you apply.  This will help your whitest moments before summer starts. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Dr. Haushka Neem Oil - Improves your hair's natural luster

This oil is derived from the neem plant.  It is used to cure a wide range of skin problems.  It is used for soothing sunburn to treating skin disease.  I use this product for conditioning and prepping the hair before a color service.  I have my clients apply it to their hair before a workout and after simply shampoo it out.  It improves hair’s natural luster. 


Imported directly from Japan. This is a product for everyone.  It is a light weight leave-in conditioner used for recoiling wavy hair and  controlling fly aways after your blow dry.  It is perfect for every hair type.  I call it “Liquid Gold.”